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The picturesque town of Broome features some of the appealing attractions and sights Western Australia has to offer as a spot renowned for its sheer natural beauty. The beloved resort town is a great place to holiday with the family, with a significant other, or to explore on one’s own with no shortage of sights to peak your interest. While […]

Are you organising a holiday for your family? Known for its natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere, the country town of Broome located in the heart of the Kimberley region is one of Western Australia’s most beloved getaway holiday destinations. But more important for families, it is a great place to visit with the kids as there is plenty of fun […]

While perhaps not the most exciting part of planning your itinerary to the beautiful town of Broome, Australia, Broome has more to offer its numerous visitors each year than just its gorgeous sights and attractions. Food is something we can all appreciate, and with every holiday, it is a special treat to be able to try out the local taste […]

Broome was once a booming pearling port with over 400 pearl luggers in Roebuck Bay. But when pearl plastic buttons fell out of favour, it brought about Broome’s pearling demise. Almost overnight, Broome became a sleepy country town and its importance long forgotten. But fast-forward to today, and Broome still has lots to offer and scores of visitors’ flock to […]

Colourful and intricate, Aboriginal art is fascinating to many visitors to Broome, and includes many traditional techniques that are still used today. Aboriginal culture is estimated date back up to 80,000 years, when Aborigines settled in Australia for the first time, and rock art has been discovered dating back as far as 20,000 years. Digging in primal campsites, archaeologists have […]

These days, Broome is known as one of Australia’s favourite holiday destinations. A coastal town in the undulating Kimberley region of Western Australia, its famed Cable Beach faces west, allowing for gorgeous, unspoilt sunsets every evening on the vast, sandy beach. This brings thousands of visitors every year to stay in Broome accommodation. However, there is an interesting history that […]

Along with the many natural attractions that Broome has to offer is a wealth of Aboriginal culture and history. The first inhabitants of Australia, and indeed, one of the oldest cultures on earth, Aboriginal people were estimated to number approximately 750,000 across the continent before the European invasion of 1788. For thousands of years, this race of people had lived […]

If you live in Perth or the surrounding area and you enjoy traditional family holidays by the sea, Broome should definitely be on your shortlist of places to visit. With 6-7 direct flights from Perth International Airport leaving for Broome on weekdays and 4 flights on both Saturdays and Sundays, it is one of the easiest places to reach for […]

Originally built around the pearling industry, Broome is now a popular tourist destination among residents of Perth and other parts of Western Australia. It also features on the itineraries of many visitors from overseas, thanks to the numerous attractions that it boasts. Among the most obvious are Cable Beach , a 22-kilometre stretch of white sand washed by the warm […]

The combination of a warm, tropical climate and a prime coastal location by the Indian Ocean makes Broome the ideal holiday destination for those who enjoy exciting outdoor holiday activities and want to make the most of the time they have off work each year by participating in as many such activities as possible. Below, we at Broome Time Accommodation […]