Art Gallery - Broome-Time Accommodation & Art Gallery

Broome-Time Art Gallery features a wide variety of Kimberley Art, Traditional & Contemporary Indigenous Paintings & Artifacts, Wood & Boab Nut Carvings, Hand Crafted Didgeridoos, books & gifts. 

At Broome-Time we work with many artists from the Kimberley Region of Western Australia & beyond. Throughout the year we also have artists in residence, working on exhibitions whilst staying at Broome-Time. This can be a terrific opportunity to purchase unique and beautiful artworks, but to also listen to the stories associated with the works, directly from the artist.

For further information on Artist in Residence, featured artists or exhibition dates & openings, please contact the manager at

Featured Artists of Broome-Time Art Gallery 

Paul Boon – Renowned didgeridoo player who performs for the Nomads Two Worlds Project & a very talented artist who works with and represents many talented Indigenous Artists. A long term, well known Broome resident, Paul previously owned and managed the very successful and iconic ‘Old Broome Lockup Gallery’ for many years.

Edwin Lee Mulligan – also known by his traditional name Warrda Lumbadij Bundajarrdi – Edwin was born in Yakanarra South-East of Fitzroy Crossing and now resides in Nookanbah a neighboring community. Grandson of world renowned artist Jimmy Pike, Edwin is a multiple Art prize/Award winner and amazing story teller who has worked with the Nomads Two Worlds Project and has held exhibitions in New York, Berlin & the Netherlands.

Regina Karadada – Also known as Gina, is a Wunambal artist from Kalumbaru in the far North Kimberley region and is well known for her beautiful traditional Wandjina & Guiorn Guiorn (Bradshaws) made famous by her family.

Lillian Karadada – Sister to Regina, Lillian is also a Wunambal artist from Kalumbaru in the far North Kimberley region. In the true style of Karadada Painting, Lillian is also well known for her paintings depicting the famous Wandjina & Giourn Guiorn (Bradshaws) images that have been painted on Kimberley caves for thousands of years.



Edwin Lee Mulligan

Giourn Giourn - Regina Karadada

Edwin Lee Mulligan & Paul Boon

'That Spirit Place' Edwin Lee Mulligan & Paul Boon

'Ngarlimbah' (Us) Edwin Lee Mulligan

Wandjina - Regina Karadada

'Pearl Moon Dream' - Paul Boon

'Rain Maker' - Lillian Karadada

Hand Painted Carvings - Eddie Blitner

Tingari Cycle - Samantha Napaltjarri

Edwin Lee Mulligan & Paul Boon