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Broome Highlights

Experience Everything Broome has to Offer Book Broome Tours Here

Whether you’re heading to Broome for a relaxing getaway or romantic break, a family holiday or a fishing adventure, there’s something for everyone to enjoy and explore. Our friendly staff are happy to assist with booking any tours or experiences during your stay. Here are just a few of the must-do attractions in Broome.





Pearl Farm Tours

This is your chance to take a deep dive into the pearly industry of Western Australia. You will be able to journey to a pearl farm in a picturesque location. Once you travel from your hotel, you then get a first-hand encounter of how pearls are produced and uncover a constantly changing landscape.

You’ll be provided with a guide on a spellbinding tour who will show you all the secrets of pearl cultivation. This will include everything from seeding all the way to harvesting. You’ll even be provided with a live demonstration of how a pearl is extracted from an oyster. This process is complex and it’s something that not many people will get to witness. Finally, you’ll be able to explore farming operations from the water with breathtaking views.


Cable Beach

The sugar-white sands of this beach are absolutely spectacular and there’s nothing quite like riding a camel along his incredible location. Before you start your journey, you’ll get the chance to meet your gentle travel companion. You can give them a pat and maybe even a quick cuddle before climbing onto the camel’s back. You’ll be assisted every step of the way and an instructor will carefully choose the camel ideal for you. That way, you can form a real bond with one of these gentle creatures.

After everyone is on their camel, the journey will begin. You can sit back, relax and watch the waves in the distance. Along the way, you’ll be provided with the history of camels in Australia. There’s always time for a photo op too so you’ll never forget this incredible experience.


Stand Up Paddle boarding

While you are visiting Cable Beach, you can also try standup paddle boarding. This can be great fun for people of all ages and it even provides health benefits as a form of exercise. On the adventure, you’ll be taken out into the calm clear waters around the coast. Here, you’ll be able to try your luck staying upright while exploring the thrill of this beloved sport.


Journey To Gantheaume Point

These beautiful red rocks have always been popular with tourists, so make sure you spend a couple hours wandering down to Gantheaume Point. You’ll find it right at the edge of Cable Beach. This is a well-known location for cliff jumping and it provides a drop over the water of eight metres. This can be a thrilling experience if you’re brave enough!

Aside from the daredevil activities, you will be able to enjoy incredible views from the cliff. The rocks can be reached by a small section of road. You’ll see locals jump into the water during high tides and it’s a fantastic spot for fishing too.


Visit Douglas Wilderness Park

If you want to witness the creatures of Broome, you must journey to this wonderful wildlife park. The entry point is a giant saltwater croc’s head and you’ll find a wide range of animals here. From the crocodiles themselves to kangaroos, lizards and snakes, animal lovers are sure to enjoy exploring this wonderful location. You can even see incredible footage of vintage adventure films too. Make sure you don’t miss the feeding time for the animals.This is an amazing sight and about as close as you can get to seeing ferocious beasts like crocodiles devouring their prey.

Sun Pictures

You will be able to relax as you get lost in enchanting movies. There’s always freshly made popcorn to tantalise your tastebuds and plenty of chances to interact with your fellow moviegoers. You can watch all the latest releases here and if you don’t want to sit on a deck chair, there’s also the chance to take a blanket and choose a spot on the grass at the front of the screen. This is a wonderful, romantic experience you’re sure to enjoy sharing with your loved one.

Broome Museum 

Broome Historical Society & Museum is a Must Do while in Broome.

Explore how Broome has changed through the passage of time. 

Located Opposite The Broome Pantry and Lottery Centre, Seaview Shopping Centre, Town Beach.

There is even a Town Bus from our door to their door.


Discover The Staircase To The Moon

This only happens at certain points throughout the year and it’s well worth booking your trip to Broome early make sure you don’t miss out. During this natural event, when the moon rises it creates the illusion of stairs climbing up from the waters below. It’s incredible to see and around Town Beach, you’ll find that there is plenty of entertainment, souvenirs as well as local produce to enjoy.

The Staircase to the Moon occurs every couple of days from March all the way through to October. You can discover it for yourself over the tidal flats of Roebuck Bay. There’s live entertainment every night that the natural phenomenon occurs including music and a variety of performances.


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